At Home Learning


Welcome to the Holly Ridge Center Education Department At Home Learning Webpage. We are glad you are here!

We believe that parents are the best teachers for their children. During this time of COVID-19 restriction, families have more structured times around the table, learning together. Our Holly Ridge families have asked for some extras for children under three. We love seeing our families through tele-intervention visits. But we miss the face-to-face contact, and we’re excited for when we can connect in this way again. Any center-based services are on hold for a while. Teachers’ creative juices continue to flow, and the files are trembling, about to explode! We launch this website to share some of these ideas, to support your toddler’s development, and encourage family members as they get even more involved in their learning. Please let us know comments and suggestions by emailing us at

Click below to discover fun developmental activities based on exploring seasonal themes. Whether you are here to explore on your own or working with your child’s service provider, we hope you will find songs, books, resources, and play activities to add variety and fun to the typical routine of your day. So, search the site, gather up some of your supplies, and shake up your day with some theme-based fun!