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To help employers to maximize their business, we strive to find creative solutions and address each business’s unique challenges and needs. We offer practical assistance to an employer who employs or is considering employing a person with a disability providing quality, well-trained employees and lasting employment relationships. In fact, job retention rates are as high as 87% for those with disabilities.

Businesses who hire disabled people report lower staff turnover rates, decreased training and recruitment costs, higher customer satisfaction, improved morale and also better work team performance.

How It Works

After assessing your needs and goals, our staff will work with you and anyone you’d like to include to complete a comprehensive job analysis and select an appropriate candidate based upon each individual’s skills and interests. Next, an applicant is referred to you for an interview, after which the final hiring decision is yours.

If hired, our staff will work onsite providing the employee with job orientation, followed by personalized, ongoing training and assistance to help promote satisfactory performance and ongoing satisfaction for both the employee and employer. As our partner, you can expect to:

  • Receive a free consultation to develop specialized roles.
  • On-site disability and diversity awareness training.
  • Gain a committed, reliable employee, pre-screened by our Employment Consultants.
  • Explore access to financial resources and tax credits.
  • Add skills to your workplace.
  • Reduce costs for recruitment and training as well as local unemployment rates.
  • The ability to promote a positive message about your workforce diversity.
  • Ongoing support for any employee hired through Holly Ridge Center.


Other Perks

Many businesses qualify for tax credits upon hiring. Our staff can also offer job modification assistance to employers, diversity training and awareness for co-workers, and job retention services to the employee and business on a long-term or as-needed basis.

An employment specialist may also analyze tasks, restructure how some tasks are completed or teach tasks differently to best fit the needs of each employer and/or employee.

If you’d like to learn more about how our program works or get a free consultation about how to add more diversity to your workforce, please give us a call or schedule an consultation today. We’ll be happy to schedule a visit and help you determine how a partnership might benefit you and your business.

Our staff is prepared to provide you with a variety of creative and reliable supports to make the employment relationship successful.

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