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Questions About Your Child's Development?

We are here for you!  We offer evaluations at no cost.  You do not need a pediatrician’s referral to start services.


Infant Toddler Program Update: Fall is here, and we are excited to share updated information about our Infant Toddler Program Services!!!  This summer we started transitioning back to in-person services for all our families that were ready to make the change, this was a carefully planned process that took a while as schedules were adjusted and staff prepared to hit the open roads of Kitsap County.

We are now providing services out in the community and in family homes.  Currently, we are offering 3 options for services:

1. In-person in your home or other location in the community
2. Telehealth (virtual services) using Zoom as the delivery platform
3. Hybrid model – a combination of in-person and telehealth

Updated Masking Guidelines :

Masking at our facilities for in-person evaluations or services is required for all staff and families.

Masking for in-person services in your home or outdoors is no longer required for parents/caregivers.

HRC Infant Toddler Program staff will continue to mask when they provide in-person service at your home unless the services are performed outdoors.

Learn more here.

Adult Employment Services: Adult Employment Services program is supporting their individuals based on their current employment status, goals, and service needs. For those needing support as they perform their essential personnel functions in public, we are practicing social distancing & stay healthy guidelines and for those self-isolating, we are reaching out in various virtual forms.

About Holly Ridge Center

Holly Ridge Center’s mission is to enable children and adults with differing abilities to reach their fullest potential, creating a positive and lasting impact on the community.

Adult Employment Services

Our Adult Employment Services Program is a vocational rehabilitation program that provides job training, job placement, and supported employment to adults with differing abilities within Kitsap and North Mason Counties.

Infant Toddler Program

Our Infant Toddler Program is a neuro-developmental center that provides early intervention services to children birth to three who present with developmental delays or are medically fragile.

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