Leo spent about a year working with a speech therapist and playgroup teacher at Holly Ridge Center to help with his speech delay. Leo received services in person before Covid-19 restrictions and then successfully via Telehealth. Now that he’s 3, Leo has been promoted from Holly Ridge Center and into the school district.

“Before Holly Ridge, Leo would throw tantrums often. We finally deduced that it was mostly happening when he felt like we did not understand what he was trying to communicate with us, whether through words or actions. He seemed frustrated that he could not verbalize what he wanted, which caused a lot of anxiety and tension for us.  Holly Ridge equipped us with practical, useful tools we needed to help Leo communicate and feel like we understood him. His tantrums became rarer, and he became a much happier toddler.” -Leo’s Mom, Kendall     

We also developed wonderful relationships with his speech therapist and playgroup teacher, which helped us feel more supported as parents and family unit. They were so encouraging to us and so loving and patient with Leo. We felt they truly partnered with us, feeling our same concerns for Leo and then also celebrating his milestones and victories with us.”-Leo’s Mom, Kendall

“He had THE BEST teacher and speech therapist, and we are so incredibly grateful for their diligence, even in the midst of a pandemic and the unique problems that presents. Leo has made so much progress, and we’re excited to see him grow even more!”- Leo’s Mom, Kendall