Katie is a giver of joy and has been providing smiles to Applebee’s customers and the team of staff at the Kitsap location for three years now! Her Holly Ridge Center Job Coach calls her the “hostess with the mostest” and says that she brings joy, a hard work ethic, dependability – Katie brings it all! When her Job Coach stops in to visit Katie during a scheduled shift, she is always showing an outstanding level of customer service and a great ability to multitask. She will be working on her tasks while also maintaining an active role in ensuring customers are greeted and taken care of.

Katie demonstrates a high level of independence in her role at Applebee’s and utilizes her Job Coach for support with managing coworker relationships, communicating with her supervisor team, and navigating changes – like those put in place to promote a healthy, clean, and sanitized environment recently.

Pictured here you can see Katie and her supervisor Kimmy, and you can just tell in their eyes they are smiling from ear to ear. Katie is even sporting a fun pin that says “I’m smiling since you’re back with us”.What a great way to let customers know that they are excited to be hosting and serving their meals.

We are so grateful for Katie, for always making someone smile, and for working so efficiently and productively in her role at Applebee’s!