Jack began Early Intervention Services at Holly Ridge Center around age one. He received numerous therapies and services. Our therapists, educators, and social workers developed wonderful relationships with Jack’s family. Critical services happened both in Jack’s home and at the Center and included not only his parents, but sometimes his grandparents as well!

“Holly Ridge Center was a life saver. Such a help and relief to have a refuge, whether through classes at Holly Ridge Center or when the educators and therapists from Holly Ridge were coming to our home, it felt like such a help and relief. Before Holly Ridge Center, we did not have much hope and reflecting back it seemed like such a grim picture in the beginning. Jack loved Holly Ridge Center. Jack LOVED the staff. He would watch and wait patiently at the window on days they came to our home.” 

Jack attended Shoreline high school where he engaged in activities and excelled in math. 

Jack’s level of functioning as he enters adulthood is way beyond what we thought was possible. Jack has graduated from high school, he is working, he is social.” 

Jack works at a local real estate office.  He enjoys his work staging and prepping homes for sales and photo shoots.  

“We choose to contribute to Holly Ridge Center because of our Gratitude. It is about recognizing our abilities, just as we focus and recognize Jack’s abilities. It is what we CAN do!”-Lori, Jack’s Mom and Holly Ridge Center supporter.

-Lori, Jack’s Mom and Holly Ridge Supporter

Jack Featured Is His School’s Yearbook