Dear Holly Ridge Families,

The Holly Ridge Center (HRC) staff has been working tirelessly, attempting to maximize services while navigating the ever-changing rules of the pandemic.  The latest Delta variant is causing challenges to HRC’s attempts to open more wide-ranging services, especially in homes.  We are receiving information daily from numerous sources, including the WA Department of Health, hospitals, the Governor, CDC, and Early Services for Infants and Toddlers.  This is causing nearly continuous re-assessments and changes to our services and work safety policies.

Moreover, many WA hospitals are experiencing critical staff shortages worsened by an uptick in COVID hospitalizations. HRC must also be cognizant of how our services impact these health care resources.  So HRC must ensure we can still provide the best services in the safest way possible. I appreciate your continued flexibility and understanding as we again navigate these challenges.

Recent CDC data indicates that Kitsap and Mason counties have a high and increasing virus transmission rate (over 100 cases per 100,000).  We are using this data as well as information from ESIT, Kitsap Public Health District, and the WA Department of Health to guide the type of services HRC is providing. 

Given all these considerations, effective as of  8/24/2021 Holly Ridge is stepping back to again offer services primarily through tele-health with exceptions for specific conditions – children with significant health concerns that may require in person services, significant behavioral concerns , and/or children with a specific diagnoses that require hands-on treatment. 

I realize this may be disappointing news to you, especially as public schools start soon.  But remember, HRC provides services to the most vulnerable population, children Birth to 3.  It remains our goal to keep your children, your families, and HRC providers safe and healthy while being sensitive to our community impacts.  I am hoping this step back will be temporary, and we will move forward sooner than later.

Finally, I sincerely THANK you and your families for your patience and understanding. Please know the HRC staff is working diligently to provide the best and safest environment for you.  We could not do it without your support, cooperation, and enthusiasm. Together our Family/HRC team has met all pandemic challenges!  We will continue to do so!  Keep up the GREAT WORK, and keep smiling!

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 360-373-2536.


Alicia Skelly
Infant Toddler Program Director