Now that Kitsap and North Mason counties are in Phase Three and schools are back to in person learning, I am sure you are wondering what does this mean for Holly Ridge and the services we provide?

The answer is at THE STAR in the graphic.  As an ESIT Provider Agency, HRC must continue to operate at no more than 50% in-person capacity with staff remote work still being strongly encouraged.  I believe the rationale is out of caution for our Infant and Toddler population.

Based on information from the state , we can expect to start expanding services as summer approaches.  So what does that mean?

With the focus of early intervention services provided in a natural environment services may include:

  • Continuing the use of Telehealth (i.e. Zoom)
  • Providing outdoors services in an open space or in a fenced yard, weather permitting
  • On site at Holly Ridge Center for those children that have specific medical needs.  Since this is not considered a natural environment, we will need to document a reason for bringing children into the center per WA State and federal requirements
  • Providing services at childcare centers depending upon childcare facility restrictions and staff availability
  • At a family’s home -this is targeted for early fall as long as the county is progressing through the different phases

We are excited to be able to offer a combination of Telehealth (Zoom) services and in person services in the future.  Holly Ridge staff members are already brainstorming ideas for families to consider.  We look forward to working with you and your family to discuss services and locations that best meet your family’s needs.