ITP Program Overview

1.1: ITP Program Overview
Are you concerned with a child’s movement, play, language, feeding skills or medical diagnosis?
Anyone can request refer a child for developmental screening. Read more about the process <<Link to Evaluation Page>> or request a screening today. <<Request an Evaluation Button>>
Specialists in Early Intervention
Our pediatric staff has extensive, specialized experience and training. Each member of our team is licensed and/or certified by the State of Washington in their specific discipline. They provide variety of services in homes and community child care centers as well as in small groups at one of our many sites throughout Kitsap County.
1.1.1:     Our Programs & Services
Autism Spectrum Services
Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Clinical Nurse Specialist
Clinical Psychologist
Developmental Pediatrician
Early Head Start Home Visits
Family Resource Coordination
Feeding Group
Hearing Related Services
Nutritionist Consultations
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Playgroup – 12-22 months
Playgroup – 22-36 months
Specialized Instruction
Speech/Language Therapy
Vision Related Services
1.1.2:    Our Family-Centered Approach
We are a family-centered early intervention program. Our focus is on supporting and guiding family members and caregivers to be a child’s primary teacher.  We are committed to giving families a variety of options, allowing each family to choose services that meet the needs of their child and work best for their lifestyle and schedule.
We promote strong family and staff partnerships by practicing:
Mutual respect for one another’s skills and knowledge
Honest and clear communication
Understanding and empathy
Mutually agreed-upon goals
Open sharing of information
Joint evaluation of progress
Active and ongoing participation by all involved
Holly Ridge Center has Spanish speaking staff to assist Spanish speaking families.