Holly Ridge Center’s highest priority is to keep families and staff safe.  Kitsap County is currently in Phase -2 Safe Start.  Based on Early Support for Infant and Toddlers (ESIT) and the Department of Child Youth and Family Services guidelines, Holly Ridge Center is in Early Support for Infant and Toddlers Stage 1 – limited in person services for children with very specific needs that cannot be accommodated through virtual services such as zoom, this is about 2-4% of all the children we provide services for. Early Support for Infant and Toddlers highly recommends the use of virtual services to protect children, families, and staff.  Holly Ridge Center is currently working on a plan for expanded in-person services, however these visits are not permitted until the county is in Phase 3 as determined by Governor Inslee.

You may wonder why community agencies that provide services such as speech therapy, occupation therapy and physical therapy are able to see children in person right now, the reason is they are not an Early Intervention Provider Agency working under the guidelines of  the Department of Youth and Family Services -Early Support for Infant and Toddlers.  Holly Ridge is required to follow specific guidelines.

If you have questions please don’t hesitate to call 360-373-2536. Your Family Resources Coordinator or our Infant Toddler Program Director, Alicia Skelly, would be happy to speak with you.