Kitsap Great Give

The Great Give is 24 hours of online giving hosted by Kitsap Community Foundation.  Every dollar you donate is boosted by a Bonus Pool.

Holly Ridge Center is the only neurodevelopment early intervention service provider in Kitsap and North Mason County, serving over 1700 infants and children, birth to 3. In line with ensuring everyone lives to their fullest potential, Holly Ridge Center also operates a robust Adult Employment Services program supporting over 100 adults with differing abilities gain meaningful employment. Through Holly Ridge’s individualized services in speech, hearing, occupational therapies and family support, we aspire to help very person live to their fullest potential.

In response to the Covid-19 Crisis, we are focusing on what we can do to support our community, our children, our families, adult clients, and our staff.

Your support is critical to Holly Ridge Center. Your financial support will assist in implementing critical services remotely by securing the necessary tools and technology to serve our clients and families and will help offset revenue deficits resulting from the abrupt and immediate changes impacting service delivery.

Here is how you can help:

  • $50 provides supplemental supply and activity support for children receiving home based services (400 total needed)
  • $100 provides a headset for HIPAA compliant therapy, family, and client support. (60 total needed)
  • $200 provides access to a HIPAA compliant Zoom account. (15 total needed)
  • $500 provides home (remote) office support and resource access for therapists, educators, and job coaches (72 total needed)
  • $800 provides Microsoft Surface Go Tablet for Client Support (16 total needed)
  • $1300 provides Laptop for Therapists and Educators to deliver Remote Service (10 total needed)
  • $1500 provides Protocol Creation for Work Remote Compliance Procedures