Holly Ridge Center
Holly Ridge Center
Holly Ridge Center
Holly Ridge Center
Holly Ridge Center
Holly Ridge Center
Holly Ridge Center
Holly Ridge Center
Holly Ridge Center
Holly Ridge Center
Holly Ridge Center


“Employees at Holly Ridge have a passion for what they do. Working with these children and their families is not just a job or a paycheck, it is a reward.”

~ Chris Cuneo,
Social Worker

holly ridge center

Board of Directors

Monica Blackwood - President
Architect Firm, Past Parent /
Member 2007

Chris Cairns - Vice President
Retired Family Service Specialist for USN / Member 2008

Matt Mills - Secretary
Attorney / Member 2011

Jerry Collins
Adult Consumer / Member 2009

Earl Buchanan
Optometrist / Member 2007


Mitchell Smee

Insurance / Member 2012


Cheri Brooks

Retired School District / Member 2012

Niran Al-Agba
Physician, Pediatrician / Member 2014

Virginia MacKinnon
Retired Social Worker, Early Intervention / Member 2014

Roxanne Bryson - HRC Executive Director
holly ridge
Holly Ridge Center's Organizational Values

Professionalism: We define professionalism as acting with integrity and compassion on all occasions and as being highly skilled in our own areas of expertise.

Diversity: We honor all the differences in staff, clients, and community.

Respect: We believe respect means we value others as we do ourselves through open, honest, and fair communication.

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